Klamath, California

Life on the coast of California can be rugged, peaceful, and exciting, sometimes all at once.

Highlights of Klamath

For over 70 years, Klamath has been the holiday and vacation destination for thousands of campers, anglers, hikers, bikers and nature enthusiasts from around the world. Once the secret getaway for Hollywood stars of the 1930s and 40s, Klamath is now a popular recreation destination for anglers and families. With over 1,200 RV and camping sites, one of California’s largest rivers, Redwood National and State parks, and miles of uncrowded beaches, Klamath is truly a wonderful place to visit.

Refresh your spirit with a walk through the grandeur of the ancient Redwoods, home of the world’s tallest trees, growing to over 300 feet tall. Some redwoods live to be 2000 years old. Wander among spruce, hemlock, and Douglas fir trees, with berry bushes and sword ferns creating a magical wonderland.

Explore the rugged Pacific Ocean shores. Go beachcombing, kite flying or just walk to enjoying the splendor of a beautiful day by the sea.

Fascinating natural attractions, delightful places to stay and interesting places to eat are all part of the adventure of Klamath. Powerful jet boats can take you up the Klamath River to experience the true wilderness of northern California. Fish for salmon and steelhead with one of the local fishing guides. Join an eco-tour with local experts. Visit the mysterious Trees of Mystery or drive through one of the few giant redwood trees in your own car at the Tour Thru Tree in Klamath.

The breathtaking scenery, endless recreational opportunities and friendly folks make your visit to Klamath one you will never forget.

It’s hard to capture, in just a few words, what it’s like to live in Klamath year-round.

Here are some snippets that start to paint the picture:

There are working fishing boats in the harbor, and a variety of activities both along the river and the beach; one day there might be kayaking in one direction, the next we’ll go out whale watching the other.

We dress in layers because we know the weather’s likely to change any minute.

“Spring peepers” are frogs that announce the arrival of spring. Their nighttime chorus of song might just make your heart sing.

“Leaf peepers” are tourists who mark the arrival of the dramatic colors of fall foliage season. Getting stuck behind one of their RVs might just make your heart sink.

You’ll see a whole lot of people in hiking boots, but you might go months without seeing a pair of high heels (and once you’ve lived through a winter and mud season, you’ll understand why).

In the grocery store, you’re bound to run into your professors; and the person who reviewed your admission application; and your dentist (she sees you buying that ice cream). This is a small town, after all.

Klamath, California

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