Oliver Russo

Budding Inventor


Oliver is a scrawny man, always the curious thinker, he can usually be seen reading a textbook at least early in the Semester. He rarely is seen in anything fashion forward, usually in jeans, and a Graphic T-shirt. He has a heavy class load but seems to manage it well, with some time for personal activities. He is not part of any Extracurricular activities at this time

Basic Info:

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5’6"
Build: Scrawny
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown

Hometown: Coeur d’alene, idaho (Kor-da-lane)
Occupation: Student / Inventor
Residence: Hemlock House. Room X.
Languages Spoken: English, Klingon.

Supernatural Type: Construct

Class Schedule:

~ Four Dimensional Studio
~ Introductions to Chaos and Fractals
~ Human Ecology
~ Molecular Genetics Workshop
~ Possession and Humans
~ Problems and Dilemmas in Bioethics
~ Solutions

Extra Curricular:



Oliver is a bit old for being a Freshmen. He graduated High school in 2012 and has been searching for a school for a few years now, he got rejected from many schools including MIT, CalTech, Cornell, Georgia Tech, and Carnegie.

Academic Information:

Academic Concentrations: Forward advancement in Green Tech, though unusual thinking
Overall GPA (High School): 4.1
Year of Study: Freshman
Graduation Year: 2021
Previous Education: High School

Theme Songs:

More to come….


Oliver seriously hurt someone with one of his inventions a few years ago.

Probably deals drugs

Probably cooks drugs

Oliver Russo

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