Cassie Tsoukalos

Somewhat Unstable


Batshit crazy. Dangerously paranoid. Sam’s roommate when she first attended Klamath College as a student, they got separated trying to cast the Ritual of Abscission and the wolves of the mountain got their claws into Cassie. Literally and figuratively.

The latest semester encountered Cassie first as one of the casters channeling a force field around “Knuckles,” and later on guard duty over the Cypress girls. Overhearing the Hemlock crew arguing, she got so paranoid she burned down the entire cabin, and murdered all hostages as “suspects.”

She is the daughter of the Ancient Aliens guy and has a tinfoil hat fetish.

Basic Info:

Gender: Female
Age: 20s
Height: 5’2"
Build: Compact and erratic
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Hometown: Unknown
Occupation: One of the mountain wolves
Residence: The Mountain.
Languages Spoken: English.

Supernatural Type: Garou (Wyld-fallen Bone Gnawer)


Sam’s roommate from years ago
Part of the mountain’s alpha pack
Been here for many semesters

Skill Set:

Channeled magic
Umbral travel
Tinfoil hat fetish


Cassie Tsoukalos

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