Anna & Joseph Schulz

Ritually bound garou


Joseph Schulz is currently bound by vines, veins and wires in the Turrets. His wife, Anna Schulz, was bound in the Mountain, and recently rescued.

Basic Info:

Gender: Male/Female
Age: Early 40s/Late 30s
Height: 5’11"/5’6"
Build: Somewhat lean
Eye Color: Brown/Blue
Hair Color: Brown

Hometown: Portland
Occupation: Former University President/Former Administrative Dean
Residence: Klamath
Languages Spoken: Garou. Broken English.

Supernatural Type: Garou (Glass Walker)


The “adversaries” of the first game of Klamath
Actually garou trying to fight the Devourer
Used to work with Sam at Requa Inn
Both used in rituals to create safe havens to wait out The Storm of the Ascension

Skill Set:

Extensive supernatural/local knowledge
Combat (supposedly)
Administrative experience
Database access


Anna & Joseph Schulz

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