Constitutional Law - Civil Rights and Liberties

Course code: HS2056
Level: IM – Introductory/Intermediate
Class size limit: 15
Typically offered: Once every three years

This course on US constitutional interpretation focuses on civil rights and liberties especially since the “Due Process Revolution of the 1960s” and will emphasize the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment using landmark Supreme Court decisions.

Topics include: speech, press, expressive conduct, religious liberty, race-based and gender-based discrimination, personal autonomy (such as privacy and right to die), and reproductive rights, marriage equality, and the rights of the accused. With sufficient enrollment, all students will participate in a moot court (simulated Supreme Court) decision, arguing a case currently pending before the US Supreme Court.

Student evaluation will be based upon written quizzes, short papers, case briefing (case summary writing), and the moot court decision (either a lawyer’s brief or justice’s opinion). This course is appropriate for students interested in rights advocacy, rights activism, diversity studies, public policy, and legal studies.



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Constitutional Law - Civil Rights and Liberties

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