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  • Sarah Bennett

    Very little is known about Sarah Bennett. She's pretty shy.

    Academic Information:

    Academic Concentrations: Human Ecology Overall …

  • Kaycee Chang

    A NorCal native, Kaycee spent two years at Humboldt before finding the environment a little overly saturated. After a year of RA experience at HSU, she applied for the same post at Klamath College when it opened, and quickly became involved in …

  • Nicholas Parsons

    Nicholas is a transfer student from New York, though he is originally from Chicago. Now into his third year, he enjoys helping out the residents of Hemlock House however he can. He takes his education and his job seriously, but is not without a sense of …

  • Oliver Russo

    Oliver is a bit old for being a Freshmen. He graduated High school in 2012 and has been searching for a school for a few years now, he got rejected from many schools including MIT, CalTech, Cornell, Georgia Tech, and Carnegie.

    Scarper Montgomery

    Scarper spent most of his life in Seattle, spending his first year at college in his hometown before transitioning to study abroad.

    Academic Information:

  • Ivy Conway

    Ivy is the front-runner for Klamath's queen bee. Most of the Canyon RAs fawn over her, and she's generally the representative of the student body to speak at social functions. She drives a Tesla with an Arbonne sticker.

    < …

  • Jack Hannigan

    The Twins grew up in Denver, Colorado, and actually attended separate universities there before the opening of Klamath College. Now they're excited to be back together, and have been steadily brewing a prank war between their respective residence halls. …

  • Selby Meyers

    Selby is one of the older RA's, having taken some time off of school after her second year at UC Santa Cruz. She's getting back into the college crew at the forefront of the arts scene.

  • < …

  • Kevin Campbell


    Academic Information:

    Academic Concentrations: Overall GPA: Year of Study: Freshman Graduation Year: 2021 …

  • Archibald Wilfred III

    Archie comes from England. ''ts obvious.

    Academic Information:

    Academic Concentrations: Architecture Overall GPA: 3.2 Year of …

  • Chester "Chet" Lemon


    Academic Information:

    Academic Concentrations: Entemology / Botany Overall GPA: 2.5 Year of Study: …

  • Ethan Harper


    Academic Information:

    Academic Concentrations: Anthropology Overall GPA: Year of Study: Freshmen Graduation …

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