Sarah Luke

Dean of Student Life


Sarah Luke is the Dean of Student Life on campus, and the easiest member of the administration to contact. She has a very middle aged hippie look to her and favors scarves and new age style clothing. She is always smiling, and known for her sunny disposition.

Basic Info:

Gender: Female
Age: 47
Height: 5’4"
Build: A bit of pudge
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Dean of Student Life
Residence: The Turrets
Languages Spoken: English. Spanish.

Theme Songs:

This Too Shall Pass – OK Go
Life is Wonderful – Jason Mraz

More to come….


Sarah Luke lives in Klamath Glen with her husband, but remains a constant fixture on campus. She has extensive experience with Student Life from Oregon.


Since 1995, Sarah Luke’s name has been synonymous with Student Affairs. Sarah Luke is currently the Associate Vice President for Students Affairs and Dean of Student Life at Klamath College. Prior to this appointment, Sarah Luke served Portland State University as Interim Dean of Student Life, Assistant Dean of Students, Assistant Director of Student Development, and Coordinator of Student Orientation Programs. Before Portland State, Sarah Luke held positions in student activities and residence life at Western Oregon University and Lewis and Clark College. Throughout her 25+ years working in Student Affairs, Sarah Luke has consistently demonstrated a commitment to student success and leadership development.


The Office of the Dean of Student Life is a resource for all students, faculty, and staff as they navigate Klamath College. Our office serves as a reference point for those seeking to resolve issues of concern or advance initiatives designed to enhance the student experience. Additionally, our office provides leadership for designated student life services and programs. We warmly encourage you to visit the Office of the Dean of Student Life so that we can help you enrich your college experience and achieve your fullest potential.

What happens here at Klamath College truly can change the world. For assistance or to learn more about the resources we offer, I invite you to visit, call, or email us.

I wish you a very enjoyable, productive, and highly successful school year!

All the best,

Sarah Luke
Dean of Student Life


Smiles too much. Clearly a robot.

Luke is not her last name. It is simply the second part of her first name.

Sarah Luke

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