Darron Collins

Klamath College President


Darron Collins is the president and public face of Klamath College. One of the youngest members of the administration, it’s Darron’s boundless enthusiasm, energy and drive that keep the wheels turning. The man has an unquestionable passion for the ideals of the school.

Basic Info:

Gender: Male
Age: 47
Height: 6’4"
Build: Lean
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Invisible

Hometown: Parsippany, New Jersey
Occupation: Klamath College President
Residence: The Turrets

Theme Songs:

Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect – The Decemberists

More to come….


Darron lives in Klamath Glen, but from his constant presence at the school, you’d never know it. Prior to Klamath College, the bulk of his education and experience was East Coast and abroad.


I grew up in Parsippany, New Jersey. I graduated from College of the Atlantic in 1992 and won a Thomas J. Watson Fellow that year, which brought me to New Zealand, Chile, and the Amazon Basin. After guiding rafts for a bit, I went on to get my master’s degree and PhD from Tulane University. My PhD was in cultural anthropology and, for that degree and during that time, I lived and worked in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. When I graduated in 2001, I began a career with the World Wildlife Fund. That lasted ten years and was fantastic. I was fortunate to be offered the job as Klamath College president in 2011. I live in Klamath Glen with my wife Karen, my two daughters Maggie and Molly, and my black lab Lucy.


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Overexciteable man-child
Has a passion for underwater basket weaving

Darron Collins

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