Daniel Kinsey

Undergrad Socialite


Daniel Kinsey is the kind of guy that turns heads when he walks in. He is an absolutely gorgeous young man, with wavy brown hair and steel-blue eyes. His favored form of dress tends towards the “intentionally disheveled” look. Beyond the ruffled articles of clothing, though, is expensive taste. A modern Rolex, Italian leather shoes, and even his wrinkled garments seem to have been tailored to accentuate his natural good looks.

At Klamath the young man is known for a few things.

He firmly believes that a daily dose of mischief is healthy, he is near-legendary for his partying endurance, trouble rarely sticks to the guy, and his last name “Kinsey” is plastered on the art gallery at Klamath.

Basic Info:

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6’3"
Build: Lean Swimmer’s Build
Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Hometown: Seattle
Occupation: Party Animal / Troublemaker / Socialite
Residence: Hemlocke.
Languages Spoken: English. Latin.

Class Schedule:

Human Ecology
HS2072: Sex, Gender, Identity, and Power
HS3011: Bread, Love, and Dreams
AD2023: Actor Training 1

Extra Curricular:

Water Polo
Swim League


Daniel Kinsey is from Seattle, but has spent a number of years elsewhere for boarding school.

Academic Information:

Academic Concentrations: Law/Political Science
Overall GPA: 3.8 (no way he legitimately earned it)
Year of Study: Freshman
Graduation Year:
Previous Education: All Men’s Boarding School

Theme Songs:

Alesso: Cool ft. Roy English
Ke$ha: Cannibal
P!nk: Get The Party Started
Scissor Sisters: Harder You Get
Florence and The Machine: Rabbit Heart
Sia & Panic! At the Disco: The Greatest / This is Gospel (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
Glee: Not the Boy Next Door
Fergie: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
Sia: Fire Meet Gasoline
Panic! At the Disco: Emperor’s New Clothes
Neon Trees: Everybody Talks
Panic! At the Disco: Death of a Bachelor
Mika: One Foot Boy
Passion Pit: Carried Away


Wakes up screaming sometimes.

Drank the entire Water Polo Team under the table to get on the team.

Isn’t human. Nobody should be able to drink that much and still function.

The school covers up his worst sins. Which are numerous and gruesome.

He constantly has horrific nightmares and drinks to forget them.

Daniel Kinsey

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