Brian Madrigal

Environmental Health Kid


Brian is the quiet, bookish resident of Hemlock House. He’s managed to get rid of his Texan drawl, but it will occasionally poke out when he’s excited. Even though he generally keeps to himself, Brian’s got a warm demeanor and is usually smiling.

Basic Info:

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 6’
Build: Runner’s build
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Hometown: Arlington, TX
Occupation: Full time student
Residence: Hemlock House. Room 3.
Languages Spoken: English.

Supernatural Type: Construct

Class Schedule:

Human Ecology Core Course
Topics in Biomedical Research
Biology: Form and Function
Blood: Substance and Symbol

Extra Curricular:



Brian was the second student to arrive at Hemlock House. After getting kicked out of med school for failing grades, Klamath College was an acceptable fallback.

Academic Information:

Academic Concentrations: Ecology & Medicine
Overall GPA: 2.3
Year of Study: Sophomore
Graduation Year: 2019
Previous Education: UC Davis

Theme Songs:



He didn’t show up until after Friday the 13th. HE’S MESSING WITH YOUR MINDS.

Hides out in his room all the time ‘cos he’s embarrassed about his accent.

Brian Madrigal

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