Klamath Rises

Journal Entry 3

Chet Lemon

Okay, right. What the fuck? Where to begin? I was pretty down on myself for sudo-killing Jim this week. I got less done than I had in mind. I went in deep to my escape. I took whatever came my way for a few days and almost got Ben and myself killed. I met Traveler K, or whatever though. She’s not super nice but from what I remember she basically confirmed that Jim was dead, but not really. He’s stuck in the realm of lost travelers or the shadow realm or something. That seems to me like he could very-well be un-stuck. No one else seems to agree with me but I am beginning to think I may know more about what is going on than everyone else so, fuck em. Jack doesn’t even remember he has a brother anymore so pressure is off on that front, but the man is still missing. Still, I need to figure this out. How am I going to get to Jim and most importantly, how I am getting us both the hell out of there, hell that is.

I spoke with Selby and she didn’t know shit really in this regard. Always a pleasure visiting willow though so I can’t complain to much. That girl and Hannah got a way to make a man forget about, well most everything, for a time at least. Anyway, bust there. I stole that Trabler chicks number from Ben and she knew more but was a real pessimist about the whole thing. See, the way she tells it a Traveler ends up in the shadow realm when he tries to go someplace that doesn’t exist. But well, if the shadow realm exists then they are definitely going someplace and I figure if I can ride a rainbow bridge on the back of an elk-person I can damn well get to some spooky shadow place.

Some other shit went down though. While I was moping about feeling sorry for myself in my field I saw that fuckin chineese ghost again, being all ghosty. This time the dude saw me though and I chased his ass down a hole in the mountain. Don’t ask me why there was a hole in the mountain, I don’t fucking know. Nor did I find the ghost or where he was going. I met this HUGE asshole down there. Dude was like a man-bear-pig with glowing red eyes. You know the one I met last week. Dude wouldn’t let me past him and he wouldn’t answer my questions either. Dick seems to think he is protecting me or whatever but he’s really just being a fuckin tool. How am I supposed to fight all this spooky bullshit if I don’t know what the hell it is. Then when I went back the prick had laid out a bunch of bear-traps. For real?! What kind of asshole just has bear-traps lying around. Then he has the nerve to tear-gass me not once but twice. RA was spooked out by him but I’m not letting some homeless jackass keep me from finding out what’s going on here. I’m getting past that dude or I’m kicking his ass out of my way. Kevin’s in.

Anyway, I got most of my field moved into our basement with a little help from RA. Who woulda thought? Other than that little bit though the week was pretty uneventful. I mean RA is going after radio-chick and their going to make a cute little fortune-telling couple but that’s hardly spooky. Anyway, after the burn-out that week became I manage to rally Kevin and get Kennedy to give us a ride into town for the ceremony or whatever. I thought I was going to get some answers you know but I guess that comes later.

So the ceremony. There were a bunch of indians there and apparently a bunch of Kevin’s people and they were all doing this and that. After a bit of glad handing and whatever they gave me a robe and had me strip down. I guess you can’t learn how to turn into a man-monster while wearing pants. The shaman gave some sort of long speech in not-english and when I tried to get indian-adam to translate he shushed me. Must not have been important, or maybe that was just Adam being a dick. W/e. Then shaman bro led us out to a sauna tent and got us all high on some native psychedelics which was pretty cool. There was some sort of creepy elk-lady there but she wasn’t speaking english either so… idk. Kevin, the other few students and I mostly just hung out until the drugs started to kick in. Indiadam was being a bit of a dick so I started to fuck with him as we started getting into it, that did not go over well with him. We got in a bit of a slap-fight and then Kevin beaned him in the head with a piece of wood, which was fuckin hilarious. Indiadam didn’t much like it though. Dude freaked. Turned into a giant bear-guy like I did a few weeks ago and looked about to murder me but then, now hear me out, a spirit bear stomped his uptight ass. Can’t be going batshit during a spirit quest I guess. The spirit-bear then looked at me while Indiadam bleed out on the floor. I tried to get around him so I could help the poor bastard but the bear seemed to want something from me. We had a moment and then I, again bear with me snicker, then I reached into the spirit bears face and took out a handful of…something. Yeah, I’m going with something. Anyway, I smeared it all over Indiadam’s face and he seemed to get a bit better. I on the other hand.

I was once again a man-bear-monster and was no longer in the same sauna as everyone else. Or I suppose I was but, not really. I don’t know man, it’s magic. Anyway I was starving from all the going ons or whatever and determined it is very difficult to get a candy-bar open with giant bear-mits. I got help and mostly just sat around as a bear-person until Kevin came showed back up as a sasquatch. Fuckin, job done. The shaman told us not to tell anyone not in the school and told us to leave. He still had the others to get figured I guess. I’m going back later dude needs to answer some questions for me. Anyway, we got free pie for being awesome and then rode the rainbow bridge elk back to school.

We got back before Kennedy and them and were eating pie in the kitchen in our skins when everyone was all “No way, you’re just high” “You can’t do that” and whatever. Like, I don’t understand how many times I have to prove these people wrong but this time it was easy. They all followed us outside and damn near pissed themselves when Kevin and I morphed. I think that damn near may have been reality for Kennedy though cause he split. Whatever man. Kevin and I fucked around a bit more at home, had a bit of a yell with Bob, then we threw a tommy bahama shirt on monkey-kevin and went out to party. What else are you supposed to do on a night like that. Now Kevin and I are proper super-people we can start beating some answers out of this fuckin place.



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