Klamath Rises

Entry 2
Susie and I broke up. Said we “Didn’t have a future together” since I wasn’t going to college. Said we could still talk and be friends and maybe try again later if I ever got out of here.

Fuck her, whatever. At least I’ve got a job to support myself when it comes down to it. Who even NEEDS a degree past high school.

She said she was going to be moving out of state to go to college. Whatever. Makes it easier for me to forget her. We live in fuckin middle of nowhere. I don’t see her making it out there. None of us will. No point.

Parents said I could move out into the spare building near the trinket shop if I wanted. I might take them up on it for now. They’ve been hovering. Dad’s delighted that I’m stuck here with them. Now they can continue on their ‘legacy’. Whatever, like I know half the shit they sell is a bunch of fakes. Nobody REALLY believes this shit aside from us.

Its all just a gimmick to them.


Kevin Campbell



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